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I finished the work on my authors page!

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Tanja´s Author Website

I am very excited! I started my whole experience as a writer with 1 Twitter profile, 1 Facebook profile and 1 blog!

Now take a look. I have 2 blogs, 2 Facebook pages and 1 Twitter profile. And now I started this website. I decided to transfer all the good stuff from my blogs over to this page because I have so many more possibilities here! That is unbelievable! 🙂

I hope you will enjoy the visit on the new website and I wish you a wonderful day or evening! I think that depends on from where you are visiting me, eh? *lol*

Oh and by the way, take a look on this page, you can make your own free website:

The easy way to get more traffic!

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I just wanted to say Thank you to @StewySongs

Get Twitter Followers, YouTube Views and Website Hits - YouLikeHits

I was on Stewart´s Twitter profile and found a very interesting link to a page called “YouLikeHits” you can promote your website, your blogs and also your Twitter, Facebook & YouTube profiles. And all you need to do is liking or following other people and they will do it too as a exchange for points, you can earn there!

I like the system, because on the section where you can add your own websites you have a timer, which counts down from 20 to 0 and in that time period people are on your pages! I think when you use it correct, it could be a really helpful tool to get the word out there! And promote whatever you want to promote!

I think you should give it a try and decide for yourself if it works for you! I think it´s an easy way to get more traffic to your pages!

I hope you enjoy this information and can make a use out of it. Please feel free to write comments on this post and we can talk a little bit more about this! <- click to open the service!