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Death Lurks Everywhere becomes a bookseries!

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to inform  you, that I decided something for my book “Death Lurks Everywhere“.

At the beginning I had two books for this Universe in my mind. But I decided to create a book series, which contains 4 books!

The 1st and the 2nd book will explain the background story and how everything evolves over time. The 3rd and the 4th book will continue the story.

Today I finished the first edit on Book One! It’s only a matter of time now until I can publish it!

I changed the cover for this book too! Now it’s obvious that I want to create a series! 🙂


More awesome news:

Yesterday I had a nice chat with some other authors and writers and if everything goes well, I
will publish a special interview the next couple of days. I will hold it as a secret for now. 😉

Special – first hand painted cover sample!

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I just tried a few things and decided to draw a cover without using a picture as background or anything. Many of you will recognize the creature that I painted! 😉

A few weeks ago a new movie came into the cinema which told the background story about these creatures. I am speaking about PROMETHEUS! I totally loved this movie and also the original:
The Alien Trilogy!

This cover is very special for me, because it’s my first self painted cover. The price for this cover will be higher because the effort and time I spent on it. I painted it in 2 1/2 hours. If you want to buy this cover for your book, please contact me:


Cover Sample Nr.: #6
Yes this is a hand painted cover. It was a lot of work to paint it out of the head! But I am proud about my creation! Of course this cover goes well with the horror & Sci-Fi genre.


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I finished the cover for my debut novel!

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Yay, I am very excited, because I finally created a decent and at the same time horrifying looking bookcover for my debut novel “Death lurks everywhere” It still takes a while until I finish my work on the book. First at all, right now I am writing in my native language, which is German. That means:

1. I need not only an editor for the German version.

2. I need a translation for the book, so I can publish it in America too!

But after all, I am very excited when the day comes, where I can focus on these things! 🙂 Right now I am at the beginning of Chapter 16 and the book will have a total amount of 29 Chapters! I already wrote the story points down. Now I only need to fill the book pages with my ideas to complete the story!

Book Cover:

What you can expect from the story:

A genetic experiment produces a fierce monster. The experiment and the monster go completely out of control. The result – a disaster of massive proportions, a danger to the human race. Will the evil forces behind this experiment be discovered and will the monster be stopped, or is everything lost…

Author Interviews!

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Like I told you before, I offer author interviews on my blog. Some authors already have a save place here and I want to add them all in a total, so you can see who is already on board! You could be the next one!

Bruce Clothier

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Gary Vanucci

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Katie Mettner

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M.G. Wells

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Roy Ruiz “RJ”

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Steven Montano

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Tara Wood

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Walter Williams

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To be a part of this, I need some information from you. Please send me an email [] with the following information:

  • A recent picture of yourself
  • A picture of the book cover you want to promote
  • additional links to Facebook, author pages, Twitter or anything else where people can find you!
  • A Link to your book (Amazon, Smashwords, B&N etc.)
  • I will send the questions and tell you when the interview will go online!

I offer author Interviews!

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Hello dear readers!

Since I am very active on the network platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress, I wanted to offer author interviews on my blog! There is no better way to promote a new published book or an Indie author! Take the chance to get a free promotion spot on this blog and I will take care about the promo!

As you can see, I have a few authors already in my list. Take a look on the interviews and decide if you want to be a part of this promotion! =) I think we are all mind like people who wants o promote something that we all have in common! Books, short stories, poems or nice written blogs!

I am willing to spend my free time to promote YOU! Take the chance and contact me on:

Twitter: @TanjaArtStudio



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New Book cover

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Last night I worked on one of my 7 future project books. And I created this cover for it

The mysterious Music box

[Please click for a larger view]

What do you think about the cover? It´s pretty neat eh? 🙂 But please give me your comments, I would love to read what you think about it!

And don’t forget, whenever you are in need of a unique looking book cover, I am just a few texts away! *smile*

Book Cover Service

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Since I joined Twitter a month ago, I decided to use my creative talent to create unique looking book covers!

I want to show you some of my created book covers, so you know what I can do. Right today I created 2 covers for myself and future projects. I have the talent to get my book ideas over night. Somehow I start falling asleep and suddenly a few pictures are flowing in my mind like a movie and voila! I have a new book idea. Right now I am overwhelmed with 7 new ideas. So after I finish my debut novel “Death lurks everywhere” I want to continue with my ideas. And hey, 7 books for the future are not bad at all 😀

But now take a look on my creations! [click on the pictures to get a larger view]

More covers will follow soon 🙂

I work for very reasonable prices! I will not finish a work until the author is 100 % satisfied about the job! After the payment and therefore the job is done, I will make corrections or little changes for free if the work is not older then a month! This does not apply for a completely new book cover!

Every new book cover cost $120 – for this money you get my very best service!



Bruce Clothier:  “The new cover is up for the novel! Pretty excited about it and special thanks to Tanja Segal for all her hard work putting up with a most assuredly non-artistic person…”


If you need an own unique looking book cover, please contact me on Twitter: @TanjaArtStudio

Or contact me on my Facebook Page:

Or just send me a little message to my mail address: