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SCP Containment Breach | game version 0.5.1

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Welcome to my new Let’s play video! This is Part 4 of the indie horror game SCP Containment Breach! This time I started a new game, because it’s an updated version of the game. It’s now version 0.5.1 and has more features! So please enjoy my new try on this scary game!

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Prototype 2:

YouTube Channel

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Hello everybody!

Today I want to add my Youtube Playlists here, so you can always take a look from this blog. Games that have more then 1 video will be moved to the specific Playlist on YouTube! I hope you guys enjoy my videos! Please never forget – I do this because I love to help people. I know how life can treat you these days and I want to entertain those kind of people, who had a stressful day at work, school or just need a break from some problems! I know how good it is, just sitting back and watch movies from other people, who do what I love [play games] and at the same time, they try to entertain me. I love this and so I wanted to give it a try!

By the way, if you want to see any specific game, please write it in the comments of my videos, as soon I hit 15 subscribers on YouTube, I want to make a special video for you. That means I want your comments for a specific game that I can play around that time! 😉 so please don’t be shy, just add a little message to my YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe, if you want to see more of my videos! 😉 Thank you all so much! Every single one of you is highly appreciated!

Let’s Play Slender: Prison [second attempt]

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Hello everybody!

I just uploaded my second attempt on the new Slender map [Prison]. It seems like Slender loves me, he always comes after me at the same amount of photos in this game… 😀 This time, I also managed to add the face cam to my video. But take a look:

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Let’s Play Slender: Prison

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Hello everyone!

Last night I tried something new! I have to say it’s my first attempt on a Let’s Play on Youtube.

The last couple of days I watched many videos from Youtubers, who uploaded funny videos of them playing Horror games and I totally loved their reactions while playing. It somehow made my day!

So since I love to play video games and especially Horror, I thought I could try it also to entertain people! I love to help and I saw the reactions of fans! And exactly that is why I want to give it a try, to make people happy, after coming home from a stressful day, from school etc.

I still need to figure out how to setup Camtasia Studio correctly for both, the let’s play video and my face cam video. Because for some strange reason it’s lagging as soon I am adding the face cam video to the let’s play video. So if you have any suggestions on how to setup Camtasia, I would appreciate your comments on that! 😉

So and now I want to show you my first video attempt and hope you guys like it!


Death Lurks Everywhere becomes a bookseries!

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to inform  you, that I decided something for my book “Death Lurks Everywhere“.

At the beginning I had two books for this Universe in my mind. But I decided to create a book series, which contains 4 books!

The 1st and the 2nd book will explain the background story and how everything evolves over time. The 3rd and the 4th book will continue the story.

Today I finished the first edit on Book One! It’s only a matter of time now until I can publish it!

I changed the cover for this book too! Now it’s obvious that I want to create a series! 🙂


More awesome news:

Yesterday I had a nice chat with some other authors and writers and if everything goes well, I
will publish a special interview the next couple of days. I will hold it as a secret for now. 😉

newest bookcover sample

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I finished the work on my newest cover sample! Guess what… It became wild! I just posed as the photo model and transformed myself into an evil looking vampire! I hope you guys like it. 🙂

Take a look:

Cover Sample Nr.: #09

For Horror, Mystical, or Dark Fantasy

What do you think ? Your opinion is very valuable to me. So please don’t be shy
and drop a little comment 😉