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First attempt ever on an Animation!

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I worked on a little animation on a Metroid from the Super Nintendo console! I hope you like it. I use game footage and in the middle comes my animation with some spoken words by me out of the game 😉

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Anime Drawings

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I am a big Anime fan and loved “Death Note” my all time favorite and “Elfenlied” last one is a very brutal Anime, I never saw so much blood in an Anime. Today I tried something different, since I love to draw, I thought it would be an amazing idea to draw something that I love! That’s right, I tried to draw Anime characters and started my journey with Lucy – one of the main characters from “Elfenlied

Again I am drawing with the computer mouse and it’s sometimes not really easy to paint lines, but the final result came out really amazing! I will post more pictures in the next couple of days! 🙂


Yesterday I worked on another Anime character and the outcome is really amazing! I hope you like him. I think he looks a little bit like Light Yagami (Kira) from the Anime Series Death Note! 😀 Just with blue eyes, instead of brown!

I call him Kyruto

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I will post more drawing soon!