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newest bookcover sample

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I finished the work on my newest cover sample! Guess what… It became wild! I just posed as the photo model and transformed myself into an evil looking vampire! I hope you guys like it. 🙂

Take a look:

Cover Sample Nr.: #09

For Horror, Mystical, or Dark Fantasy

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Book cover service expanded with samples!

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Book Cover Service

People judge books by the cover! Yes, they really do! But don’t worry. I can create a custom and professional cover at a reasonable price!

I have a special deal for first-time clients! I will customize an eye catching cover with your photos for only $100 – that’s half price.
You can contact me here: and I will create an amazing cover for you!
Here are some sample covers to provide an idea of the quality of your custom cover:
[Every sample is also available for you to buy!]


Cover Nr.: #01
For Thriller, Drama or
Horror/Suspense novels

Cover Sample.: #02
For Thriller, Drama or
Horror/Suspense novels

Cover Sample Nr.: #03
For Paranormal or Fantasy novels.

Cover Sample Nr.: #04
For Thriller, Drama or
Horror/Suspense novels

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I finished the cover for my debut novel!

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Yay, I am very excited, because I finally created a decent and at the same time horrifying looking bookcover for my debut novel “Death lurks everywhere” It still takes a while until I finish my work on the book. First at all, right now I am writing in my native language, which is German. That means:

1. I need not only an editor for the German version.

2. I need a translation for the book, so I can publish it in America too!

But after all, I am very excited when the day comes, where I can focus on these things! 🙂 Right now I am at the beginning of Chapter 16 and the book will have a total amount of 29 Chapters! I already wrote the story points down. Now I only need to fill the book pages with my ideas to complete the story!

Book Cover:

What you can expect from the story:

A genetic experiment produces a fierce monster. The experiment and the monster go completely out of control. The result – a disaster of massive proportions, a danger to the human race. Will the evil forces behind this experiment be discovered and will the monster be stopped, or is everything lost…