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Music and art event at the Museum of Tolerance!

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Click on the picture, to see it larger!

You are all invited to this special event!


Anime Drawings

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I am a big Anime fan and loved “Death Note” my all time favorite and “Elfenlied” last one is a very brutal Anime, I never saw so much blood in an Anime. Today I tried something different, since I love to draw, I thought it would be an amazing idea to draw something that I love! That’s right, I tried to draw Anime characters and started my journey with Lucy – one of the main characters from “Elfenlied

Again I am drawing with the computer mouse and it’s sometimes not really easy to paint lines, but the final result came out really amazing! I will post more pictures in the next couple of days! 🙂


Yesterday I worked on another Anime character and the outcome is really amazing! I hope you like him. I think he looks a little bit like Light Yagami (Kira) from the Anime Series Death Note! 😀 Just with blue eyes, instead of brown!

I call him Kyruto

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I will post more drawing soon!

Special – first hand painted cover sample!

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I just tried a few things and decided to draw a cover without using a picture as background or anything. Many of you will recognize the creature that I painted! 😉

A few weeks ago a new movie came into the cinema which told the background story about these creatures. I am speaking about PROMETHEUS! I totally loved this movie and also the original:
The Alien Trilogy!

This cover is very special for me, because it’s my first self painted cover. The price for this cover will be higher because the effort and time I spent on it. I painted it in 2 1/2 hours. If you want to buy this cover for your book, please contact me:


Cover Sample Nr.: #6
Yes this is a hand painted cover. It was a lot of work to paint it out of the head! But I am proud about my creation! Of course this cover goes well with the horror & Sci-Fi genre.


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The last cover for my 7 future projects!

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Today I worked on the last cover for my future book ideas! So the covers are already done! =))

What do you think about the cover? Please let me know! 😉

New Book cover

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Last night I worked on one of my 7 future project books. And I created this cover for it

The mysterious Music box

[Please click for a larger view]

What do you think about the cover? It´s pretty neat eh? 🙂 But please give me your comments, I would love to read what you think about it!

And don’t forget, whenever you are in need of a unique looking book cover, I am just a few texts away! *smile*

Introduction & newest work

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welcome to Tanja’s Studio of Art!

I created this blog for my newest work, so you will be always informed, whenever I add new content. I will show you my drawings, websites and also designs that I made for customers!

My newest creation shows a portrait of my mother. The 2nd photo shows the source of my drawing!

© by:
That’s it for now, I will inform you as soon I got new information’s about my project.

This is only one drawing of many I painted in past. Of course you can see all my work on my website. Whenever you need a website, assistance with your projects or if you want to surprise someone you love with a unique portrait, just call me or write me a letter and we’ll find a solution for you.

phone: 818-919-0400

Site expanded to german language

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Today I’ve added a new version of the website. This version is for all the German speaking people. You can choose between the German or English version on the beginning animation of the page!
I also added a little graphic to the animation, which shows a hummingbird from Woodland Hills! I saw this bird over a palm tree when I was looking outside and had to draw it. Because it’s a very beautiful little bird!
That’s it for today,I wish all of you a very pleasant day!
Until the next news!