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UFO CRASH SITE – X-COM Enemy Unknown: Playthrough – Part 2

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Welcome back to an all new episode of X-COM Enemy Unknown! Want to know how the UFO’s look like? Will my troops survive? Come in and find out!

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Special – first hand painted cover sample!

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I just tried a few things and decided to draw a cover without using a picture as background or anything. Many of you will recognize the creature that I painted! 😉

A few weeks ago a new movie came into the cinema which told the background story about these creatures. I am speaking about PROMETHEUS! I totally loved this movie and also the original:
The Alien Trilogy!

This cover is very special for me, because it’s my first self painted cover. The price for this cover will be higher because the effort and time I spent on it. I painted it in 2 1/2 hours. If you want to buy this cover for your book, please contact me:


Cover Sample Nr.: #6
Yes this is a hand painted cover. It was a lot of work to paint it out of the head! But I am proud about my creation! Of course this cover goes well with the horror & Sci-Fi genre.


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