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​​I know your expecting some great long spill about how my life has changed since starting this business and the truth is I am just starting out, but if you take a look on the possibilities, you will be amazed!
I’ve tried and looked at many online businesses also in Germany, where I lived my whole life and can honestly say after the many I approached, That this business is the only one I can recommend.​ ​PROFESSIONAL, PROACTIVE, GLOBAL BUSINESS* THERE ARE FIVE KEYS FACTORS I LOOK FOR WHEN STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS?

1. ​​ ​​How long the company has been operating for?
2. How many affiliate members​​ and the financial performance of the company?
3. Has the company developed systems, management ​​ and a structure that can exist if sold tomorrow?
4. Is the company compliant and have substance?​​
5. Is the company transparent with any ongoing cost?​​


* They pay it FORWARD and give you $10.00 to start (test the waters) see for yourself​ how well this business works. ​​
* If you are looking for DAILY PAYOUTS this will be the business for you.
* Use five payment processors for DAILY WITHDRAWALS
* FULL SUPPORT 24 / 7 live conference, 24 / 7 live chat support, submit a ticket support and last but not least your affiliate member to assist. ​ ​
* Personally for me I like the fact that I can run my business and not worry about having to refer people to this business and just GROW MY MONIES.
* But if you are interested in MAKING EXTRA MONIES 
​ You can also earn substantially by introducing others to the benefits of this online business. By introducing referrals, you can earn 10% commission on Level 1 and 5% commission on Level 2 for all their purchases.
* ​​ FULLY AUTOMATED BUSINESS, It only takes a few minutes per day to check your account and work out how your going to grow your profits.
* A global company that has over 1.7 MILLION Business associates making monies every day. Be part of a global company with business associates in over 70 countries.
* You need to be aware this business can be extremely addictive and FUN. ​1.7 million people think so!!!!
* This business was ESTABLISHED IN ​​2004 and growing bigger and stronger every year.

globalhomebiz,work from home lead,homebusiness,onlinebusiness,wealtheducation,wealthcreation,investments,marketing,workfromhome,parttimejobfromhome,investmentopportunity,freehomebasedbusiness,marketinghomebasedbusiness,legitimatehomebasedbusiness,uniquehomebasedbusiness,workfromhomeandmakemoney,workfromhomejobs,moneymakingopportunity,


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Our Strengths:
  • Profit Clicking and its related programs operate in accordance with United States Patent 6,578,010 (now public domain)
  • It’s Possible to Start with Just $10 and Turn It into a Fortune! With our Pay-It-Forward System You Get “$10 Free Money” to Get You Started at No Cost!
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Kevin Waldron used Facebook to increase his number of referrals from 51 to 199 in 70 days. See our Facebook FAQ. PC Ad Packages  has been a real godsend. Previously, it presented me with an opportunity to make some extra cash to clear some debts and set up our dream move to a home in France. However, once my IT contract came to an end, Proft Clicking  has taken on the role of a real financial lifesaver. Since my IT contract ended I’ve been in a temporary low-paying job, thankfully with PC Ad Packages I have been able to make up the difference financially. I am so thankful to Frederick Mann and the PC Admin team for their brilliant concept and ongoing support!

While the timing of the most recent Profit Shift couldn’t have been worse as it coincided with the end of my contract, on the other hand, the return of PC Ad Packages to full functionality couldn’t been timed any better! During the Profit Shifting period, I used the downtime to develop my own website and create a Facebook page, both dedicated to PC Ad Packages. Suffice to say, my previous referral count of 51 has rocketed to 199 at the time of writing this testimonial (November 6th 2011). That’s 148 referrals in a 70-day period. I’m sure you can do the math — that’s over two referrals per day! I also now have over 330 followers/likes on Facebook! And  better still, my top referral is implementing  a replica of my homepage to generate a large number of referrals as well . Remember, sharing your tools and successes is an excellent way to help others!

My homepage/website referral conversion rate is continuing to grow  and I owe this all to Profit Clicking and their Profit Shifting system.  If it never happened, I wouldn’t have concentrated on finding a way to get more referrals. My tip to any member would be to generate your own webpage, Facebook or social networking page and document your successes. People like to see real proof that any program or system is producing results for the average guy (like you and me). And don’t forget the more referrals you generate, the bigger your PC mailing list becomes. I contact my referrals at least 2 – 3 times a week and ensure they have seen the latest PC updates. I also ensure they revisit my website to get inspiration from my progress and success and take advantage of my replica home page offer. Be bold and confident in your mailings/advertisements.

Remember, you are making a statement — telling people you are successful with PC/PC Ad Packages, not asking them to join with the  hope that you will become successful. In essence, everyone that takes part in PC Ad Packages can be successful.  There are no failures, because everyone earns. You are a success and this is in no small part due to Frederick and his team. So thank you once again, I know this is leading to bigger success for me in 2012.

— Kevin Waldron (aka ‘mobilbo’ – United Kingdom)

I remember how intrigued I was when I first discovered Profit Clicking! After trying to achieve a consistent income online and failing over and over, I could relate to the mentality of being one of the 98 percent . As I continued to research all the information provided by Profit Clicking, I came to realize that Frederick Mann was the “real deal”  and leading a  team who had failed before finding a method to truly finding financial success!

The Profit Clicking system is not just a couple of programs strung together but a money-making machine that offers easy to follow processes and they actually work! I was so impressed by the content and various aspects of finding financial stability with Profit Clicking  that I decided to do everything I could to apply the lessons PC described in order to change my life forever.  I started by immediately purchasing two Ad Packages for a mere $20.00!

I set progressive goals each month and eventually rose to #7 of the Top 20 Earners in PC. More importantly, during the six months since my joining, I systematically grew my daily earnings to a level I never dreamed  of while still making withdrawals to pay off a 12 year old credit card debt.  I had such great success that I began to share my story with everyone I came into contact with and many signed with PC from my success alone!

I have had no hesitation in recommending Profit Clicking as the program has yet to fail me. In addition, with the new security features being set in motion, such as Profit Shifting, to provide an indefinitely sustainable solution, Profit Clicking is the best of the best when it comes to similar programs. It has won my vote of confidence!

— Frank Health (“Justcantlose”)

I attempted two MLN’s last year both which left me drained while working as a nurse. Great products just couldn’t put the time into it that it requires and I am hesitant about peddling products. I ran across this in December and was hopeful that I could make some money not just to supplement but to help my family get out of debt. I probably could have done a few things different but I have definitely gotten the $500 back that I put in and once Profit Clicking completes their migration I have almost 500 PC panels that have matured that will allow me to make so much more, all while not having to refer others. Once I move past this, I will begin to refer more so that I can help others who also have a desire to be free financially or to supplement their income without having to get others to join them.

— Diana J.


Do you also want to participate? Then click on the link and be surprised about the simplicity of this awesome program!

Facebook Pages Only Reach 17% Of Fans

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You aren’t visible to all your page fans when you post, and most of fans never go back to a Facebook page after they’ve initially liked it.

To optimize for GraphRank and get your posts to show up in your fans’ news feed, you have to get more likes and comments every time you post.

Unfortunately, not only are many pages still doing a bad job with this, it also looks like Facebook has made it tougher for page administrators since all the changes in late 2011.

Let’s discuss that data here, what it means, and how to address it strategically.

I had begun to hear squawks from page admins that their reach per post looked low to them. My first thought was that this might be the result of previously only seeing impressions per post rather than reach — reach is naturally going to be lower than impressions. Why is reach naturally less than impressions?

Impressions = Reach * Frequency

An impression is a post view. Reach is the number of unique fans who saw a post. Frequency is the average number of times a fan saw a post. Facebook doesn’t give us the frequency number for posts (but it does for ads in the advertising interface).


The Average Performance of 4,000 Facebook Pages

EdgeRank Checker examined what was going on, and the findings were disturbing.

First, they found that (in a review of 4,000 Facebook pages) the average page post is only reaching 17 percent of the page’s fans.

Your mileage may vary, so do your own calculations — look at your page insights, average the reach of the last ten posts, and divide that by your total fan count.

For the average page, that’s just one out of six fans you’re reaching. Five out of six of your fans aren’t seeing you at all.

Your page is worth 83 percent less than what you think if, like many business owners or brand executives, you’re only looking at your total fan base count.

And whatever you spent to acquire your average fan, multiply that by six, because five out of six of your fans aren’t seeing your posts.

That means that even if you get 10 cent fans, they’re actually costing you 60 cents each.


The Trend Shows Decreased Impressions Per Fan

This by itself isn’t news, because there have been a number of posts across the web that talked about problems of post visibility to fans (estimating a reach per fan of anywhere from three percent to 16 percent).

But the more disturbing finding is an overall decrease in impressions per post since June 2011.


4 Tips For Solving Facebook Post Visibility Problems

These findings just underline again the advice I’ve written many times that:

  • You must try to get more likes and comments with every one of your posts. Every post that doesn’t get responses lowers the value of your page. Make sure everyone who posts to your page knows this and is capable of doing the next bullet item.
  • To get more likes and comments, you need to tell people why they should like and comment on your posts.
  • If you aren’t reaching enough fans, you might need to use Facebook advertising either to get more, or to show your page posts as ads. Then do a better job of engaging so you can keep reaching a higher percentage of these new fans.
  • If you don’t want to do a good job of engaging fans on your Facebook page, the lower visibility may increase your cost per customer to the point that you may lose your profit potential. In this case, you should just use Facebook advertising to send people to your website instead — fewer steps, lower cost per customer.

Have you tried any of these suggestions yet? Let me know how these pointers work out for you by posting a comment!

The easy way to get more traffic!

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I just wanted to say Thank you to @StewySongs

Get Twitter Followers, YouTube Views and Website Hits - YouLikeHits

I was on Stewart´s Twitter profile and found a very interesting link to a page called “YouLikeHits” you can promote your website, your blogs and also your Twitter, Facebook & YouTube profiles. And all you need to do is liking or following other people and they will do it too as a exchange for points, you can earn there!

I like the system, because on the section where you can add your own websites you have a timer, which counts down from 20 to 0 and in that time period people are on your pages! I think when you use it correct, it could be a really helpful tool to get the word out there! And promote whatever you want to promote!

I think you should give it a try and decide for yourself if it works for you! I think it´s an easy way to get more traffic to your pages!

I hope you enjoy this information and can make a use out of it. Please feel free to write comments on this post and we can talk a little bit more about this! <- click to open the service!

Blog Promotion – Tips to Get Traffic and Increase Readership

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Blog Promotion is more important than ever!

Getting the word out should now be a part of every blog strategy. This will accelerate the pace and help you get traffic and be noticed. With a well-rounded strategic plan, you can start bringing in prospects and customers (or visitors that earn you money via views and clicks on your ads).

If you allocate none of your time every day to promote your blog and everything to create blog content, it is time to change your schedule. These promotion tactics are not easy to implement.

It is hard to keep readers interested in what you offer and get new visitors at the same time, but if you are consistent in doing it, the results will start compounding.

The majority of the energy burned by a rocket is during the launch. It is hard to keep going while you haven’t seen significant results, but those who put efforts in it will eventually take off with their blog.

Here are a few ideas to promote your blogs (if you don’t have time for all of these in detail, read the 7 top traffic and conversion strategies for busy bloggers):

1. Write Quality Content

You may think this has nothing to do with growing your traffic, but the impact can be substantial. Visitors come to your site to find and read information. If they like what they see, either they are going to subscribe to your RSS feed or enter their email address in the subscription form.

What they expect is more of the same quality of content from you. They have high expectations. It is your job to deliver that to them.

2. Blog Regularly

Another important activity related to blog writing is to blog regularly. Once people are engaged with your blog, you must keep them interested by publishing more content.

If you fail to do this, before long, they will lose interest. Some readers are going to leave anyway, but if the growth of new subscribers is faster than the unsubscription rate, you will see an increase in traffic and readers.

3. Don’t Forget to Ping (and Tag Appropriately)

Pinging is still an effective way to promote your blog. You need to do this to notify blog services when you update your blog.

By strategically using the right tag, you can get your blog post found by other bloggers. Tag pages are going to rank for long tail keywords, so that is something worth doing.

You never know who will discover your site, how influential they are and how they can affect your blog.

If you link to another blog, you may also send trackback to the blog so the linked bloggers know about your post.

4. Make Your Blog Search-Engine Friendly

As you blog, you want to make your page optimized for both human visitors and search engines. Many bloggers say that a blog is search engine magnet, but you have to make it work to rank for your keywords. How a blog links pages and notifies blog services about new updates make it easily found by search engines, but to rank you need more than those.

Nowadays, you can write naturally and the search engines will notice. You have to know which keywords to target though, and produce content that suits the reader’s expectation.

Getting the content out is one thing, promoting it to get link juice is another different beast.

Search engines need time to work and you will not get instant results, but you must build the content with search engine in mind from the start so you are building the momentum as soon as possible.

5. Promote Your RSS Feed

Although RSS is becoming popular, it is still not as common as email. Your blog will create RSS feed in real time (or automatically in every blog update), but not everyone will understand what it is for, especially if your blog is targeting less tech-savvy audiences.

Educating them about the use of RSS is necessary, if not compulsory. It will be worth the effort though, because it is a tool for which you can hook up the readers and give them more information.

For bloggers who are making money by selling ad space, eyeballs are everything. If you can get them back to your site through one of the communication mechanisms, more power to you.

Marketers who sell products or services could use it as a follow up tool. If you can offer RSS feed and email at the same time, you need to consider both.

6. Encourage Comments, Trackbacks and Pingbacks

A blog is a communication and interaction tool. You can use it to gain feedback from the readers or have them discuss the topic you start in the blog. Some bloggers claim that comments don’t attract more traffic but it certainly establish an involvement with the blog because they feel closer each time by participating in the discussion.

Comments are compulsory for certain situations but not necessary for others. For bloggers who want feedback from the readers, allowing comments can help, but it requires quite a lot of work once the blog becomes popular, mainly because of comment spam. You may also want to answer reader’s question or they may not come back to comment next time.

Trackbacks and pingbacks are useful if you are extending the conversation outside the original blog. When people link to you, the link to their blog post will appear on your blog post. This kind of interaction can develop into further relationship with fellow bloggers.

Once you build relationship with other bloggers, you can show them your content and get across the message much easier than if you try to get their attention without building rapport first.

7. Comment on Other Blogs

This is exactly the opposite from the sixth point above. While tracking news and information, you will find interesting posts from friends and new bloggers that you want to get links from.

By commenting on their blog, you can establish relationship with them. Networking is one of the most important activities for bloggers.

I know, some people hate interacting with others, offline or online. The thing is, you can promote your content and blog faster if you know other bloggers who are also influencers. They can send you a lot of traffic that would take weeks or months to build.

8. Being a Guest Blogger

Find blogs who accept guest blogger and offer contribution regularly. While you blog exclusively for the blog and give content to their existing audience, you secretly pimp out your own blog.

This isn’t necessarily bad though.

For the time and content that you’ve given to the owner of the blogger, they usually allow you to steal their traffic. You can promote your own post and get inbound links to your blog.

Every new blogger can make use of a few more links from related blog or site.

9. Participate in Discussion Boards

Discussion boards are great place to tap into your target audience. They are where people hang out. Approaching such a forum strategically, you can drive traffic back to your blog quite easily.

Many people blatantly promote their site and this is exactly the opposite way to do it. You want to contribute and build your name first. After you establish your expert status there, whatever you put in the signature in the forum, people will visit because they know you provide solid advices and content related to the topic of the forum.

Other experts often also hang out in the same forums. This can lead to joint venture and other opportunities that you may not realize right now. If they own a blog, you can also cross promote each other.

10. Social Bookmarking and Networking

Social media are the new buzz word. People are sharing their own bookmarks of interesting web sites with others. When people vote for the usefulness or value of a piece of content, other people can make use of the votes. You can often discover new blogs and web sites from social bookmarks. Using these sites can also give you link juice and promotion.

Social networking sites, just like forums, are places where people with the same interest hang out. Just that in social networking, the main focus is in the user profiles while in forums, discussions are the main highlight. You can meet like-minded people there and spread your message out, including your new blog post.

If your content is good, you should be able to get interested people who will visit your site and hopefully become long-time subscribers. Again, influencers will notice and promote your blog too.

11. Email Marketing

A few years ago, email was claimed to be dead as blogs became mainstream. It never happens though.

If you want to be successful in any online business, you need to focus on a handful of marketing strategies. Become really good at it. Email marketing, in my opinion, should be in every blogger’s toolbox. It is an extension of blog. Some people prefer RSS feed while others insist on email. You either have email subscription or you will lose a part of your visitors.

Email is about leveraging what you already have. It is used to follow up and get in touch with your subscribers. Marketers use it as a nurturing tool. Smart bloggers build relationships via email communication and get very good results with it.

Studies showed again and again that email tops other marketing strategies in terms of usage and result. It even wins over search by a huge margin.

 Some Links to catalogs where you can add your blog!