Oppan Gangnam Style

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METROID creature animation – 2nd attempt!

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My 2nd attempt on an animation of the Metroid creature of the Super Nintendo game “Super Metroid”

This 2nd attempt has more movement and is a little bit longer, as the first attempt.

I also edited some sound files for the Metroid Scream sound. 🙂

First attempt ever on an Animation!

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I worked on a little animation on a Metroid from the Super Nintendo console! I hope you like it. I use game footage and in the middle comes my animation with some spoken words by me out of the game 😉

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Just out., go..go..going..Its Magical $$

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METROID KIDNAPPING – Super Metroid: Playthrough – PART 1

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Hello everybody! How’s it going? After the Vlog I thought I could make another special video for today! This time I chose one of my all time old classic favorites! I will play the Super Nintendo Game “Super Metroid” for you! 😉

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